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Classic Equine Horse Polar fleece Cooler blanket

Price: $99.95
  • Horse tack: Classic equine horse sheet
  • Western Tack: horse cooler blanket
  • Item #: BKT-CEPFC
  • Condition: New
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Horse Polar Fleece Cooler Blanket sheet by Classic Equine

Conveniently attaches with a belly strap, back strap and runs up the neck, napping to the halter

Features Zip-Up chest and quick snaps which allow the cooler to be applied by either means

Specially designed with elastic bound head snaps to allow extra comfort and freedom of head movement.

* 380 Gram Fleece Cooler

* Allows  horse to cool down slowly after a workout, helping to prevent chill

* Effectively wicks away moisture after bathing

* Speeds up the drying process indoors or outside in cool weather

* Or use while in a trailer or before a horse show

* Double stitched Nylon bounded edges

* Machine Washable


Sizes are by horse blanket sizing




* MED: 74-79"

* LARGE: 80-85"


THE WILD COWBOY will not sell any items that are not horse tested and horse approved.

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