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Davis Therapeutic Pac Horse Boots

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Horse Boot with Therapeutic Pad. The Davis Horse Boot is ideal for continuous soaking when conditions such as abscesses, thrush, puncture wounds and other aggravated foot conditions exist.

The boot also relieves pressure when signs of bruises, corns or cankers appear. The soft pliable upper comforts the leg during use and closes tightly just below the fetlock. The boot opens wide for easy on-off application. The durable triple-layered bottom is made of a tough polyvinyl compound making it usable many times over.





SIZE    WIDTH in inches    LENGTH in inches

(0000)     3 1/4"             3 1/2"

(000)       3 3/4              4"

(00)         4 1/4"             4 1/2"

(0)           4 1/2"             4 3/4"

(1)           4 3/4"             5"

(2)           5 1/4"             5 1/2"

(3)           5 1/2"             6"

(4)           6                    6 1/2"



Please measure your horses feet with a ruler, or tape measure


SBS equine Products and Davis Manufacturing have joined forces to develop a new delivery system for treating infections of the sole, frog and hoof wall. The secret is the addition of a new pad that fits into the Davis Horse Boot with new fiber matrix technology.

When saturated with SBS Sav-A-Hoof Soak or Med-i-Sole gel, the pad wicks the ingredients to the affected area of the hoof without spilling or running. According to Ray Tricca of SBS, the technique is safer and more effective than most other treatments because it promotes a much longer contact time with the hoof without harming hoof tissue.

Tricca also said that soaking can soften the hoof and over-soaking with products containing chlorine, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or other toxins can permanently damage hoof tissue.


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