Ladies "Original riders" Cotton pull over shirt - USA
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"Original riders" Cotton Rhinestone womens western shirt - USA

Price: $49.50
  • Made in the USA western wear: western shirt
  • Western wear: rhinestone western shirt
  • Women's western wear: buffalo bills top
  • Item #: M715 riders
  • Condition: New
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"Original riders" Cotton Rhinestone womens western shirt **MADE IN THE USA**
ORIGINAL RIDERS - east to west - Western shirt
* Silver and gold Rhinestone accents
* Frilled bottom shirt, top collar and cuffs
* Turquoise, pink and colorful blends
* 3/4 Length sleeves
* Stretchy Polyester/Cotton blend
* looks and feels like a T-Shirt

* Sturdy stitched ruffled edges.
* Frontal Rhinestone accents
* Cotton casual pull over shirt
* These are not Jr sizes. Typical ladies size shirts.

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