This Stowaway deluxe Vinyl Hay feeder is waterproof and easy to hang on the side of the horse trailer easily holds hay for horses.
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Stowaway deluxe Vinyl Hay feeder in Navy

Price: $67.50
  • Horse tack: hay feeder
  • Western Tack: hay bag feeder
  • Item #: P13-STDHT
  • Condition: New
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NAVY BLUE Stowaway hay feeder bag

  • Waterproof Vinyl
  • Holds 2 flakes of hay
  • Attach to the trailer or stalls
  • SIZE:  27" L X 19" W X 6"D

Feed your horse in style with this easy-to-use hay bag!

Made with durable and waterproof vinyl

Tthis hay tote will hold up to two large flakes of hay.

The top rim is rigid for easier access and filling.

The heavy-duty, detachable nylon hanging strap makes for easy hanging on just about anything


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