Turquoise Beaded Brown Bone Horse Hair Tassel Hat Band

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  • Cowboy hat band: Johnny Depp hat band
  • Item #: BS12BO-H
  • Condition: New
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Brown Cow Bones Turquoise Beaded Hand Beaded Cowboy Hat Band


Johnny Depp is shown wearing this hat band, which is 1 of the 3 hat bands on his Cowboy Hat.  


This is the band on the top row of his hat.  The other item is# HB09W-7 sold seperate


Real bones sewn in with beads. Horse hair back tassels

  • Each beaded section is 1-1/2 inches long and the bones are 1" long.
  • Real Cow Bones
  • Black, Turquoise, Red Indian beaded Designs
  • Horse Hair Tassels back tie
  • 1/2" wide band
  • Will fit up to 28"
  • Hand beaded


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